"Trends Live Here®️"

Get ready for the soon-to-be leading social trending site in the world! Zipplign, trends live here. Zipp®️ with family, friends, and familiar people. Set trends and get others to "Ride your zipp"®

Working Process

How Does It Work?

With Zipplign, you can change your life. Don’t know how to? Don’t worry!

Register& Personalise Your Account.

Download the Zipplign App and register with the your mobile number or email address. Once done, personalise your account with the best features and you’re all set to make a start!

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Create Your First Zippclip.

Simply tap on the ‘create' option, choose the most suitable audio and ready to go! With our collection of aesthetic filters and animated effects, your first Zippclip.

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Share With Your Zippers.

After uploading, share your creation with your fellow Zippers or Zippties and gain a huge audience, on the go. You can do it, we believe in you.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

A social media site that allows users and followers to zipp with their friends. It's a trending site, how many can you get to follow your trend (Zipp)?

  • Zipplign has its own language, Zipplign means, trending with.
  • - Zippers: The number of people following your trend (Zipp), who have decided to post to your Zipplign.
  • - Zipp: A trend you wish to share or start.
  • - Zipper: A person who zipps.
  • - Zippclip: A video or clip of the trend you wish to start or display, whether singing, dancing, selfie, etc.
  • - Zippties: Your networking community (group).
  • - ZippNation: Those who are on multiple Zippligns, This person has mastered the art of Zipplign.
  • - Ride my Zipp!: Language used when you want someone to follow or friend you on Zipplign, or add to a Zippclip.

Go to the person's profile, chose a Zippclip from their Zipplign (video) Gallery, or watch a currently trending video, and choose the "Ride My Zipp" icon, which will then take you to the zipping window to record, adding you to that persons zipplign, you will be given a 5-second countdown before your video starts to record. Or take you live on that person's zipplign.

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